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Buy Used Notebooks

Who We Are

XtremeworX is a leading international trader in IT and Communication Industry . We purchase and sell bulk consignments of used, refurbished and surplus new equipment including

Desktops  Desktops
Monitors  Monitors
Notebooks  Notebooks
Servers & Parts  Servers & Parts
Mobile Phone  Mobile Phone
Tablets  Tablets

Our stock is sourced from trusted suppliers such as large corporations and leasing companies and then redistributed to clients worldwide, fully tested and guaranteed.

By specializing in bulk trade and only in our core stocks, we are able to do what we do extremely well and very cost-effectively, as we concentrate on providing

Reliable Equipment  Reliable equipment
Unbeatable value for money  Unbeatable value for money
Trouble-free delivery  Trouble-free delivery.

As we rely heavily on repeat business from regular buyers we always aim to over deliver our promises. Our philosophy of 'customer first' seems to work - not only for us, but also for our trading partners - as our company has grown significantly each year since its inception.

What We Buy

Xtremeworx buys a variety of used notebooks, refurbished tablets, mobile phones, computers, components, peripherals and other IT related material. What we purchase changes according to various market forces and the current prices that exist for new materials. Computer material has a very high rate of depreciation, and there are many items that may not have value after a relatively short time; but we offer you the best prices by purchasing all your IT equipments at a fair market value.

What We Sell

Xtremeworx sells a variety of used notebooks, refurbished tablets, mobile phones, computers components and peripherals. What we sell changes with the times, obviously, but due to the large inventory of our notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, computers peripherals and hardware you can always find a variety of them.

For Corporate Buyers

If you are a company looking to buy or sell your new, used, or refurbished IT and telecom equipment like desktops, monitors, laptops, notebooks, servers & parts, mobile phone, tablets, networking, communication parts and more, then look no further because you have arrived at the right place where you can purchase all your IT equipments at a lower price.