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Valuable services offered by XtremeworX

Secure Data Destruction

We provide Data Eradication / Sanitization Software / Services that preserve the storage media for re-use while helping you do your bit for the environment…

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Test & Warranty Services

XtremeworX specialises in bringing the used and end of lease equipment to new life by testing , wiping and refurbishing the devices…

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Asset Redeployment

XtremeworX offers asset Redeployment services to various Leasing companies / customers, where its essential to Collect, Data Wipe and install the OS…

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We provide all transportation and logistics supports for your assets to move from one location to another for redeployment or from your location to our warehouse…

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Why Choose XtremeworX?

XtremeworX offers expertise and experience in the holistic management of devices and data. Our purpose is to achieve efficiency, without any compromise on safety or quality. In this digital age, we must focus not only on the use of our electronics, but also their environmentally-safe disposal.

The solutions offered at XtremeworX ensure the highest possible value for expended assets. Our experience, process and network provide maximal value extraction, while covering data risk, accountability and processing costs.

Computer recycling is the need of the hour-with excess, redundant and outdated electronics decreasing the value of your assets. We deal with all aspects of computer recycling from data extraction and erasure to diagnostics and refurbishment. XtremeworX can give you complete peace of mind regarding downstream accountability and total control over your IT information.

We are proven experts in the field of laptop recycling and refurbishment. Refurbished laptops have the dual advantage of financial savings as well as environmental sustainability. During the refurbishment process, the machines undergo secure data erasure, rigorous testing and replacement of any parts, if required. Our facility has top notch quality standards for parts and components, as well as diagnostics and repair.

So, choose XtremeworX for complete Asset Management with zero risk and liability for you and the assurance of quality, expertise, safety and environmental sustainability.