Secure Data Destruction

IT / Mobile assets often contain large volumes of sensitive and confidential data.

When organizations need to Refresh, Retire or Dispose of the assets or media, they must ensure that the data they contain is also Securely Sanitized and Disposed of in a safe and reliable manner.

Failure to do so may result in risks ranging from fines and penalties from regulatory authorities to loss of reputation and customers, and even financial loss or closure of business.

We provide Data Eradication / Sanitization Software / Services that preserve the storage media for re-use while helping you do your bit for the environment.

Whether you are looking to reuse the media, want to resell it or return it to leasing companies. You can be rest assured that all data has been completely wiped as per the Department of Defence Standards in compliance with your obligation regarding Privacy Laws.

Some of the Key Features are:

  • Fully Automated Audit that requires no human intervention.
  • 100% Agile process
  • Indigenous and Secure handling of the data devices to ensure ZERO data theft or loss of information.
  • Remote or onsite data wiping capability being handled by your own resources.
  • Detailed serialization of the media and devices with Certificate of destruction ensure peace of mind.
  • Technology which is endorsed / Certified / Used by organization like NATO, NASA, US Defence etc.
  • Environmental Stewardship by promoting RE-USE, thus saving our planet and contributing to CSR.
  • Safety from Financial as well as Reputation loss of your organization, being one of the most secure and used software, the world over.

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