About Us

XtremeworX Pty Ltd was incepted in 2004 in Australia, with an experience of 30 years worldwide in the IT and Mobility . We have seen it all, convergence of IT and Mobile Phone and the way now it is going to be an integral part of our every day life.

The speed at which these devices have come in and will continue to upgrade, it’s a challenge how we will cope up with this ever increasing demand of Data Management, Device Management and the biggest challenge of all, not harm our planet.

XtremeworX is operating in the area which is most crucial to your sensitive and confidential data being compromised while you move to better technologies and newer devices without failing on your responsibility towards our Planet.

XtremeworX expertise is in buy computers in bulk quantities. We take care of your used / warranty returns laptop. After a laptop is sent to us, it undergoes various tests. If any technical defect is identified, it is immediately repaired with genuine. No compromise is done when it comes to providing quality laptops. All the products are fully tested or certified.

At Xtremeworx, you can get refurbished products and parts of all most all the top IT brands such as IBM, Dell, HP and Acer. We also have a large stock of used laptops for sale. All of them are refurbished and are available within the budget of the customer.

XtremeworX enables you to derive the best remaining value on your redundant assets though its extensive channel of global secondary markets for pre-owned and ex lease equipment.

We ensure that your data is securely destroyed beyond any forensic recovery and you have zero Liability and comply with all environmental laws.

We have skilled technician to ensure the Assets are Refurbished, Repaired and packaged before redeployment with warranty at extra cost. All the Assets are tested for complete working as per the OEM guidelines , the reports of which are available at all times which you can view before deployment.

Our vast experience of past 15 years of selling in this industry helps us to offer you this Hassle Free Disposal service.

All your assets can be tracked on our online Asset Manger while they are being serviced or sitting in Quarantine, awaiting redeployment.