About Us

The team at XtremeworX combines experience, skill, knowledge and expertise to provide you with top notch services in an ever-evolving field. XtremeworX Pty Ltd was formed in 2004 in Australia, and over the years, we have earned the reputation of being the experts in Data and Device Management.

Having a worldwide experience of over 30 years, we have been witness to the development and convergence of the IT and Mobile phones industries. Phones, laptops and the internet are already an integral part of our lives. Better technologies and newer devices make our lives easier, but also pose a security risk, apart from having a negative impact on the environment. We are increasingly seeing a growing demand for better data protection, as it becomes more and more important to keep confidential and sensitive data safe and prevent any leak or compromise.

The expertise of XtremeworX in device management comes from our processes and our access to an extensive channel of markets for pre-owned and ex-lease products internationally. We buy computers in bulk quantities. This gives us access to genuine parts. When you send your used/ warranty return laptop to us, it undergoes thorough testing to determine the defect. Genuine and certified parts are used in the repair with no compromise on the quality.

We provide refurbishment for nearly all the top brands, like IBM, Acer, Dell, HP, etc. We have a large stock of used laptops for sale, which are refurbished, tested, repaired if needed and are available according to the budget of the customer. Apart from used computers for sale, we also have a large stock of genuine, tested and certified parts and other products.

XtremeworX assures the best remaining value on your redundant assets, while ensuring that any data on your devices is destroyed securely, without any option of forensic recovery. We pride ourselves on ensuring zero liability for our customers. An experience of nearly fifteen years in the industry enables us to provide all our customers with a completely Hassle-Free Disposal Service.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians make sure that every product is refurbished, repaired and packaged. The assets are then ready to be redeployed. There is also an option of a warranty, at an extra cost. Each asset passes through rigorous testing, according to the OEM guidelines. The test reports are available for viewing before the asset is redeployed. You can track the asset through testing, service or quarantine, through our online Asset Manager.

By maximizing the utility of devices and following all environmental laws diligently, we feel that we are not only providing customers with high quality services, we are also doing our part in protecting the planet.